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What does augmented intelligence mean?

The term augmented intelligence refers to the increase in human capabilities when combined with technology. Augmented intelligence is an alternative concept to artificial intelligence that deals with the role that AI plays in assisting humans, focusing on the fact that cognitive technology is designed to improve human intelligence instead of replacing it. The augmented word, which means «improve», reinforces the role that human intelligence plays when using machine learning and deep learning algorithms to discover relationships and solve problems. Augmented Intelligence main objective is to take advantage of artificial intelligence to improve or increase human intelligence.

What is the difference between artificial intelligence and augmented intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is focused on being used to design automated systems that replace human cognitive functions. Instead, Augmented intelligence uses technology to support, complement, and enhance human cognitive functions.

Myths and realities about artificial intelligence:

In popular culture, the idea has spread that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will replace the human being, taking it away from the tasks it now performs, and many people fear that robots will completely replace people. Marketing experts hope that the term augmented intelligence will help the general public to understand that AI software is intended to improve products and services, not to replace the humans who use them. It is a union and coordination of forces and capabilities between artificial intelligence and human intelligence to carry out tasks more efficiently and beneficially for people.

In this way, the term Augmented Intelligence arises to demystify the alleged dangers that this technology automatically brings to society. The key argument of this concept is based on the fact that all technology is created by humans, and although it works autonomously, it obeys the man-made programming code.