GCE AI Solutions:

We are putting information that subject matter experts need at their fingertips and backing it with evidence so they can make informed decisions.

Smart Contracts

Global Commerce Experts Coin

Smart Contracts are agreements between two or more parties that are developed autonomously and automatically without the need for additional intervention by a third party to be resolved once the conditions specified in THE CONTRACT are met.

In the world of the internet, Smart Contracts provide a solution to the lack of freedom, anonymity, and, in many cases, lack of speed that most current global development systems provide.

Smart Contracts are usually developed on the basis of a blockchain and in this case, we plan to start a marketing strategy and information exchange based on the Global Commerce Experts Coin. GCE Coin

Mathematics & Algorithms

In the planning and development process of each Artificial Intelligence project, we seek that it is not COMPLICATED, DIFFICULT and INTIMIDATING, and that is why we are clear that at least we know about Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus and Probability.

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We use mathematics in all actions of personal and corporate life; daily we add, subtract, lose and win, divide and multiply … 🙂

GCE AI turns Simple Math into Algorithms that achieve Machine Learning functions for you to use in:

  • Linear discriminant analysis: to solve problems of classification, filtering of SPAM, diseases in patients and references of products in disorder among others.
  • Logistic regression: to solve binary classification problems.
  • Artificial neural networks: to develop applications for self-driving transportation, recommendation systems, online marketing, image reading, speech and facial recognition.
  • Support vector machines (SVM): for the classification of images and visual documents.