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Are they a good option?


This solution is a good option for self-employed individuals and microenterprises, since its costs are lower.


For larger companies, virtual offices may be an option because they ensure that one provider is responsible for the company's fixed costs.


For multinationals, Placetowork.co is the place to find available offices anywhere in the world where you want to expand your place of business.

The application has different modules that offer a wide variety of features and tools designed to facilitate the members' and customers' experience when navigating through it.


Through this module the user, by means of his user name and password will be able to access to:


You will be able to browse 2d and 3d floor plans to validate jobs available for booking.


Reserve múltiples espacios como salas de juntas, espacios de coworking y demás desde un mismo lugar.


Validate your reservation by ID card, QR code, token validation, etc.


By means of this module, the member and/or customer is kept up to date on the status of their reservations through:

Booking notifications:

Information is validated for both the customer and the partner.

Multiplatform system:

Get your notifications and alerts through SMS, whatsapp and other channels.

Massive messages:

Notify through different channels to all users registered in your system or select a group of them.


Receive up-to-date statistical graphs on the performance of your reservations and the system in general.


Have control of your reservations and users through the following tools:

Intranet: Accessing through the login portal, you will be able to manage notifications, create and postulate virtual offices and jobs.

Profiles: Create different user profiles with different management permissions, according to your own needs.

Work teams: Efficiently manage your notifications by organizing work teams.

Tracking: Validate in real-time the reservation; you will be able to know if the user is in a break, a meeting, or a different status.


Focused on facilitating and optimizing the user experience, this module has tools such as:


For optimal use of the platform, the user has access to video tutorials and online support.


You will be able to test in real-time the services offered using a simulation window.


Locate within the list of available locations and allies the city and country where the solution is.


Locate within the list of available locations and allies the city and country where the solution is.


Access all booking, validation, cancellation, or help request options from a web browser or mobile apps, available for IOS and Android.


Scan the person, and depending on the temperature or if he/she is wearing a mask, he/she should be allowed to enter.

If a person is fit for entry, after the response from the access control, let him/her enter.

Allows access to a person or vehicle in case of system failure.


In addition to the modules listed above, you will have access to additional features such as:


You can count on the translation, into different languages, of all the contents of the platform


Add, edit, connect or remove different modules, depending on your particular needs.


Implement a payment gateway on your platform to facilitate the contracting of services and reservations.


Offer users products for purchase within the company, plus you will maintain an organized and up-to-date inventory at all times.

Technological support:

Count on the support of a team of professionals to help you manage your system in the best way.

Plans and features

Feature Basic Standard Professional
Number of users allowed 100 300 500+
Adequacy of spaces *
WEB Portal
Android App
On-demand reservations
Event Tracking
Interactive 2D Stall Plans Up to 30 Plans
Interactive 3D Stall Plans Up to 30 Plans
Metrics and Statistics
Active Directory Integration
Integration with Office or G-Suite
Real Time Reporting
Refreshments or CASINO Request
Add Store Option
Multi-User (On / Off)
Reservation Rules **
Area Registration ***
Hosting and Domain
System Traceability
Departmental Working Groups
Mass Messaging
Appointment Scheduling
Server Status
Platform Assistance
User Export
Accessory Listing (Notifications)
Processing and Analysis of Needs
Notification by Different Channels (WA, SMS, etc) ****
Personnel Access Control + Camera + Wifi Terminal + QR Reader Up to 10 Units
Double Access Turnstile Up to 10 Units
4 Meter Vehicular Barrier Up to 10 Units
Personal and Vehicle Access Control (Remote Control) Up to 10 Units
Intelligent Tracking with Facial Recognition Cameras Up to 80 Cameras

* According to supplied drawings.

** Access levels, position locks, tailor-made equipment reservations.

*** Bathrooms, stairs, elevators, kitchen, etc.

**** A new quote must be requested as it is a monthly billing service.